Apparently nothing but choir ever happens to me... ;) [27 January 2010|9:25AM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

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Playlist: "Snow in May" [12 May 2009|4:48PM]
[ mood | chill ]

Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson
Congratulations - Blue October feat. Imogen Heap
Going All the Way - Matthew Good Band
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Into the Ocean - Blue October
Heartbreak World - Matt Nathanson
Stick with Me Baby - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Uniform Grey - Sarah Harmer
Mess - Ben Folds Five
Any Day Now - Bif Naked
Amy Hit the Atmosphere - Counting Crows
9 Crimes - Damien Rice
The Trick is to Keep Breathing - Garbage
'Cept You and Me, Babe - Greg Brown
You Can Close Your Eyes (Live) - Joni Mitchell and James Taylor
No Children - Mountain Goats
The East Has Stolen What the West May Want - Moneen

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not dead yet. [5 January 2009|2:06PM]
[ mood | adored ]

... that's about it for now. My poor abandoned journal may get another update soon, as I have some stuff I want to write down. Other than that...

Happy 2009, everyone :)

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ever feel like you're going about some things all wrong? [6 August 2007|12:13PM]
[ mood | melancholy ]

or like you're looking for an excuse to be upset? or like you're not supposed to be feeling the way you are? or like every negative emotion you've been having has been childish and unfounded? ever feel this way and know logically that you shouldn't feel bad for feeling bad, and then feel worse because of it?

yeah. me too.

(and everything is actually going well. don't worry. I'm just not dealing well with growing pains.)

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[26 March 2007|10:25AM]
Thanks for all your awesome comments, guys :)

So I hate to supplant that post, but

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Jackie mostlycrazy did my hair. [20 March 2007|8:01PM]
I think this is my new favourite picture of myself ever.

It's titled Sea Monster.Collapse )
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OMFG. [7 February 2007|9:54AM]
By the by, Colin, I've still got the mp3s I was going to burn off for you, and I've been meaning to get this song from you for the longest time.

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[6 February 2007|5:11PM]
Well, it's not really a post. It's more of a postlet.

You know how you sometimes come across people who look vaguely familiar? There's a girl in one of my classes who looks uncannily like my sister. Like, if I didn't know she were in class I'd walk up to her and say hi and ask what the hell she was doing on campus. Colouring, facial features, hair colour and style... I stared at her today while she was facing a direction in which I could see her face for at least two minutes straight while I was gathering my coat and suchlike. The only difference is clothing, glasses, voice, and mannerisms. VERY ODD. I get creeped out everytime I see her.


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a note to miriam [29 January 2007|3:43PM]
mipcakes, is Michael by Pierce & E. J. Maggi something I've heard because you heard it on Pandora? because I'm totally hearing it on there now.
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crashing and cruising [24 January 2007|11:35AM]
[ mood | hungry ]

So, as you may recall, I went on a cruise last week with Barenaked Ladies and many other bands, including Guster. I figured I'd post about it.

First off, though, I should relate that I got my car into an argument with a barrier the day before I left. I'm okay, but you can read the lengthy story about it if you like.Collapse )

That afternoon, I went home and packed for my trip the next day. After getting dropped off at my friends' house, we all went out for dinner and then out to the bar to celebrate one's birthday. I figured I was due for some major drunkness to make up for the crash, so when one of the guys with us asked me to two-step (we were at a country bar called The Ranch because it's a five-minute stumble from said house) I was pretty much awful, and I fell over on a friend and managed to get a bruise on my knee that's still black a week and a half later. I had an awesome time dancing, and I slept through most of the flights the next day.

The cruise itself will actually get its own post, I think, as this has taken longer than I expected and I want to make it a photo-heavy entry. I'm off now to wake my mom so she'll go shopping with me for a dress for my cousin's wedding this Saturday and then to go to raxxius's to sort his work receipts before bells, choir, and karaoke. Have an excellent evenings, my lovelies.

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[4 January 2007|5:29PM]

That's a GPA of 3.08 for the semester. Vaguely respectable.
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[20 December 2006|3:45PM]
[ mood | amused ]

Oh, my poor livejournal. How shamefully have I neglected you. And really, I'm not going to get much better any time soon... this is sort of just an observation that I wanted someone to know about.

My prof for my psych class (in which I now have the mark back: B-, not terribly fantastic) played music before every class this semester. When I recognised it, I noticed it was always topical (for example, OLP's Spiritual Machines on the day we talked about consciousness). The day of the exam, he played Verdi's Requiem (that download is copy-protected, but it doesn't seem to have destroyed my computer). If you don't feel like downloading that, I'll summarize: it sounds like the world is coming crashing down around your ears. Apocalypse! Destruction! Wailing and gnashing of teeth! Okay, so those sounds are more metaphorical. But you can totally hear them.

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[30 October 2006|9:03PM]
[ mood | tired of this damn assignment ]

that assignment I mentioned in the last post? totally still working on it. got an extension til today and discovered the damn thing is a lot harder without my coursepack, which is in a non-descript one-inch black binder that disappeared the weekend of my departure from my job (Bryan, is it at your place?). so I'm still doing it.

however, I take pleasure from the fact that my sensual appreciation is still intact. jasmine tea makes me sigh with joy no matter how stressed I am.

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[27 October 2006|2:32AM]
[ mood | exhausted ]

In recent news, essays are easier to write in short periods of time than assignments. Especially when part of the assignment involves comparing what you've done with one of the readings and you've lost the coursepack.

I'm gonna go the hell to bed and plead with the prof (the bed now is so that this part is not tearful) to let me hand in something worth reading on Monday. Maybe he'll even let me do it without a penalty... even though he's already given me an extension on one of these assignments. Sigh.

On the bright side, I think my midterms today went better than my last one. Fingers crossed.

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reasons I love my mom #16,375 [25 October 2006|8:06PM]
[ mood | pensive ]

She sometimes says things that make me completely rethink my belief system.

Yesterday when were randomly talking she brought up the fact that the whole "turn the other cheek" thing is very much a New Testament concept, and that that's part of the reason things are so screwy in the Middle East. Judaism and Islam are very "eye for an eye", because that's what scripture says to do.

It somehow never really occurred to me that the idea that being vengeful and angry is utterly detrimental to your mental and emotional health came directly from the New Testament. It's so much a part of my mentality that I'm here to make other people happy and to try to make the world a better place for everyone (I know, I'm a huge hippie (the OED is pretty cruel to the hippies... huh)), and it never occurred to me that it came straight from the Bible.

I suppose it should've, since I know it came from my mom, and I know she gets all of her morality and ethics from the Bible and Christianity... but eh. Now I know. I'd like to expand on these thoughts, but I should really be studying right now, since I have two midterms tomorrow, one Friday, and an assignment due Friday too.

Don't worry, I'm still all up with the spiritual agnosticism. I've just realised where it came from, is all.

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[24 October 2006|1:31AM]
Barenaked Ladies on the first Intimate and Interactive ever.

On that topic, that fourth spot I have in my cabin for Ships and Dip, the BnL cruise in January, is open once again. Both the people who were maybes can't make it.

Wanna come?
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[29 August 2006|10:26PM]
[ mood | determined ]

Okay, internets. I've ignored you long enough, it is time for me to toss you some kind of information to devour. Pitiful though it will be at describing my entire summer, it may pacify those who've been wondering where the hell I've disappeared to for four months with a complete lack of content in the meagre posts I did make.

I started the position as Associate Director of *an unnamed service* on Tuesday, August 15th. I had very little time to get settled in, as our training/retreat weekend for our Advisory Team was on the Friday of that week. Even now, I continue to feel swamped by the amount of stuff I have to get done before this time next week (which will be sorely hindered by the fact that I am at Orientation Saturday-Tuesday). I have an intimidating to-do list, and I'm certain more time-consuming small stuff will come in between now and then.

I'm actually quite concerned about this position in general, to be honest. There appear to be a lot of problems that are going to be inevitable that I wasn't really expecting when I applied, but that I'm now going to have to "create action plans" to deal with. Or some other corporate-speak meaning I have to line up my ducks so I don't fall over from stress.

I really hope the goals that we've set for ourselves and for the service come to fruition. I think the things we're trying to implement and see happen are really going to improve the service, not only for the clients, but also for the average volunteer.

The only downside to this job is that now I can't write candidly on the intarwebs for fear that someone will find my livejournal. Sigh. And there are many other things to write about that I shan't! For that very reason!

Perhaps I shall write more self-censored infonuggets tomorrow. Or... another day.

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quote of the week from dave [26 July 2006|5:44PM]
well, it feels like severing, but I dunno, maybe it's something she learned in Cosmo...
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[17 July 2006|2:17PM]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So. I know it's been over two months since I last posted, and yet this is what I am going to give you.


I now have a deposit and a cabin on Ships and Dip, the Barenaked Ladies cruise next January.

It's a quad cabin. Anyone wanna come with?

Crossposted to my sgjournal.

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ta-da! [11 May 2006|10:40AM]
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A thought. [8 April 2006|2:14PM]
[ mood | studious ]

Last night at the Safewalk year end party, the director from this year suggested that I should apply for assistant director for next year.

This is pretty tempting. I would like a job nearer campus (can't get nearer than SUB), and it pays $335 August, $670/month for September/06 to April/07 and that's for 20 hours a week that are at varying hours, so between classes and suchlike. Not to mention, Amissa said my name had come up in the discussion of who should apply, though she didn't say with whom she was having the conversation. And she's on the selection committee.


Not that I should be thinking on such things at this exact moment, when I should be paper-writing...

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Ships and Dip Update [7 April 2006|6:15PM]
[ mood | hungry ]

So, these are the cabins still open in the $599+99 (the 99 is taxes, gratuities, port charges and ticketing) American.

The circled ones are the ones yet untaken. Also, the images are quite large.Collapse )

It is nearing time for me to just get one and find roommates afterwards.

In the meantime, I have a super-busy weekend, complete with partying, gaming, Orientation training, working, and paper-writing.


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A reading list for this summer [2 April 2006|10:58PM]
[ mood | stupid chair, stupid monitor ]

Okay, I'm going to start a list, as I know I've got at least three books at home that I've bought that I haven't even started and that I can't start until I'm at the very least done classes, and also I should wait until exams are done.

- JD Salinger
- okay, so I'm way too out of it at this moment to finish this.

Feel free to comment to add more!

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I am the un-psych [31 March 2006|10:44AM]
[ mood | amused ]

I am apparently odd.

For my Psych class of this semester, we've had to do assignments just about every week that involve essentially being the subject of one of the pysch experiments we've been learning about. This week, it was about risk and whether you're more likely to choose a risky or riskless option whether you're faced with a gain or a loss. For example, say you've just received your paycheck of $500. Would you choose: a) a sure gain of $300 or b) a 0.1 chance of no gain and a 0.9 chance of gaining $400. Or for the loss choice, for example, say you've just received your paycheck of $1000. Would you choose: a) a sure loss of $100 or b) a 0.1 chance of no loss and a 0.9 chance of losing $200. That kind of thing.

Most people would choose the risky choice more often when they're looking at a loss, and the riskless choice more often when they're looking at a gain. I'm the exact opposite.

Go figure.

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Advice? [28 March 2006|8:15PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey, everyone,

I'm looking at taking a course this summer, and I'd like some advice on that front, and I'm also looking for advice on what to take next year.

My schedules are here:Collapse )

As you can see, I need to fill up with two more courses for Fall. I've got a few in mind, namely Chem 261, Physics 124, and Phil 220, but I'm not married to them in any way. I've also enrolled in two for Spring/Summer (Human Ecology 211 in Spring and Psych 339 in Summer) and I'm not looking to take both, and I want to decide which I'm taking soon so someone else can take my spot in whichever I drop.

So, in short, is there anything anyone out there might recommend for a 4th year looking to take something interesting to finish the degree?

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[24 March 2006|1:48AM]
[ mood | pleased ]

I had a test thingy today to see if the census wants me to work for them. Having discovered last night that my body either doesn't like stella, doesn't like keith's, or doesn't like both, I was feeling a little fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure I pwned it anyway. I might even say I pizzowned it... but I'd prolly get in trouble, so I shan't.

I may have convinced my friend Kate to come with me on the cruise... but I have to find someone over 25 to go with us if so, because she won't be 21 at the time. Jared, I'm looking at you.

Also, I took a picture of my hair last week when I had my mom put my hair in pigtail braids and then pinned it up all knot-like (theoretically; the realisation was less knotted and more random-pinned). See?Collapse )

In other news, I fucking rock. I just figured out how to get rid of our damn annoying mouse (replaced it with one at least 5 years older) and how to fix the drivers and shit. All by myself. With no mouse, so keyboarding it for the duration. Go me!

And now I'm exhausted from all that skullsweat... so to the point of this post!

Paying attention?

The point of this post is to convince you all to come to my concert this Saturday.

8 PM, The Winspear Centre downtown Edmonton, my choir is going to be singing our little butts off. (Some butts are not so little.) You can't pretend like you didn't know about it! I posted about this a couple weeks ago. So come!

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phone charging - last night [20 March 2006|4:21AM]
to 4 bars
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You know you want to go on a Barenaked Ladies cruise. [20 March 2006|4:20AM]
[ mood | tired ]

So I posted on the Ships and Dip message board, saying I wanted to get together with another bunch of girls who were looking for roommates. Hopefully that pans out... and hopefully they don't suck. It looks like most of the people going are in their 30s and we're in our 20s, but I suppose that doesn't really make much of a difference anyway.

*fingers crossed* I really want to go. Is it bad that I'm considering booking a room for 4 and then hunting people for the next few months? (Don't worry, I'm only considering it 'cause it's quarter after four and I should've gone to bed an hour and a half ago when Dave left.)

I foresee this being a major part of my focus in life in the next ... well, until a few months after it's gone by.

In other news, I'm reading Zelazny's Amber series right now thanks to Jared. It's pretty good. Now to find the second half of it...

And now to go to bed so I don't fall asleep in every class tomorrow. This will require a lot of caffeine. I am a silly goose.

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I have a choir concert. [7 March 2006|10:48AM]
[ mood | awake ]

You should come!

It is at the Winspear on the 25th. Tickets are available at the Winspear box office (I think) or at the choir office, which you can call at 492-9606, or through me, if you call me or msg me or leave a comment here!

It'll be good times. We were on Global this morning (I got up at 5.30, blech) to show off. We're doing some really good music, including a Les Mis medley.

So yeah. Like choirs? Like me and are indifferent to choirs? Come!

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[6 March 2006|5:02PM]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Note to self: Tour is April 29th - May 7th. Working for the census is a definite possibility... especially if you're leaving Chapters. 1200$ for a month is far more respectable than what you're getting now... unless you get full time at Chapters. Just a thought.

Or maybe you could do both?

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[5 March 2006|12:52PM]
[ mood | excited ]

Are you a Barenaked Ladies fan?

What are you doing from January 15 to 19, 2007?

Is it this?

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[21 February 2006|3:52AM]
[ mood | sleepy ]


I've just spent a ridiculous amount of time on the intarwebs for no good reason. I'm still not tired, but I really should go to bed. So instead I'll post again since it's been six weeks and I'm sure you're all simply dying to know what I've been up to.

I was hella sick last week, missed three days of work, am still trying to fend off the tail end of it before I go in for my low stress test for the asthma research thingy I'm participating in.

Did I ever mention that? They want to see if being stressed will make asthma worse. I did my high-stress one while I was overdue for a paper last semester, and I'm doing my low-stress one this week when all my midterms are over and I don't have any papers to worry about at all (the only one I've got this semester still doesn't have a topic, 'cause the prof hasn't given them to us). Hopefully this week I'll be all low-stress, and give useful results. For the high-stress one I never got around to giving them my urine (ew) because I would've had to collect it within a couple of days of the test and I wasn't *home* for eight hours at a time within a few days of that one. Plus I'd've had to keep it in the fridge (double ew).

I'm almost out of books. I need to make a trip to the liberry tomorrow, or face the prospect of an entire reading week not spent reading. Cry!

I went to the Tea Place the other day and took advantage of their tea sale to buy 50 g each of Lady Grey, Earl Grey Cream and Jasmine Balls Silver. Mmm, tasty. Perhaps sometime I'll even try something new and unusual for me, like darjeeling or some such.

I like my job. Until I go in, I often dread it, but I get there and I realise again how much fun all my coworkers (other than the one manager, but I'm learning to deal with him) are. My problem is that I don't like working in general. It's not like I do useful things here at home that work drags me away from -- hell, I finally did some laundry today after I-don't-want-to-think-about-how-long-it's-been because I couldn't find anything I hadn't already worn to work, and I've still got three loads to do that I'll hopefully do tomorrow because I've (say it with me) nothing better to do -- but I seem not to want to get off my big butt (need to hit the gym more consistently after the break) to go. Or maybe the manager thing has been bugging me more than I think. Hmm.

Anyway, back to the part where I like my job. I do! It's fun working with books all day, despite being frustrating, what with the not being able to read all all all of them. I get to have intelligent discussions with people who don't mind when I use big words to say what I mean. (Someone hassled me the other day for using big words and when I tried to concede and say something about being pretentious he glared at me and said "snobbish!". V. annoying.) I also had my review the other week, and I'm getting a raise of 35 cents, apparently. Whee. I'm still not above 8$. Ah well. Maybe I'll get a better-paying job for summer.

Hey, speaking of intelligent discussions, I was mentioning something the other day to my mom about one of my friends being of about average intelligence, and she looked at me and told me to think about that a bit. So I did, and I realised I had just sort of tossed that out there without considering it at all. Truly, it's that nearly all my friends are of average to very high intelligence, and the friend I mentioned was simply average for that group, which is to say, high. Interesting thought. I am frustrated all the time by very stupid people, and I have managed to not end up with any of them in my group of friends. Hurray!

Well, I think I'm finally getting sleepy. Thank the deities. Of course, I'll doubtless go to bed and kick myself as I'm crawling in for forgetting something. Ah well.

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schedule for the semester and a singing-ponderance [7 January 2006|3:51PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The other night I realised that I can control the amount of breathiness, the amount of nasality, and the placement (forward vs back) in my voice separately now. I'm pretty proud of that. It's taken a long time of putting a minimal amount of effort into lessons and choir for me to improve from practically tone-deaf to my current state. My pitch is still pretty terrible (though better than it used to be) and my tone could still use some work, but I might concede now that I'm listenable, even on my own and not hiding in my choir, especially if you're willing to be forgiving. Also, the control I speak of is only to a certain point; I can't eliminate the breathiness from my voice entirely without slipping into nasality, but again, that's something to work on. Go me!

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proud of self [20 December 2005|2:29AM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

crossposted to barenaked_icons:

Okay, so I finally finished my exams, so I treated myself to an evening spent with Photoshop. Okay, more like a couple hours, but you get the idea.

the results: two lyrics, four icons!Collapse )

Same idea as last time, I'd like to know if you are going to use it just so it can fuel my ego. Hell, fuel my ego anyway. Tell me you think they're the awesomest ever. 'Cause you do, right? Right?!

... Time for bed.

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another post! [15 December 2005|3:23AM]
[ mood | unfocused ]

because I'm having problems concentrating. this will clearly help.

I've discovered that paper-writing is hazardous to my mouth. I've been chewing the inside of my lips and cheeks all night, so they're all rpped up, and my teeth hurt from what I can only assume is the teeth-clenching I've been doing unconsciously. sigh.

back to the all-nighter!

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*whimpers* [14 December 2005|3:54PM]
[ mood | distressed ]

there are barenaked ladies tickets available for crappy crappy seats in calgary on monday when I work.

but I am so sorely tempted to get one anyway.

'cause... it's bnl! and I could get someone to work.. and maybe borrow the car, or bus... or something...

*whimpers again*

in other news, the overdue papers are going well! and now I'm going to go shovel and get my mind off it for a little bit.

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randomness du jour [8 December 2005|2:49PM]
[ mood | hungry ]

like the soup du jour but more carla-esque.

I'm making cheesebread for lunch! And tea! So that I can be healthy again soon. Stupid virus. I hate all of you who gave it to me.

My studying plans for the day go like this:
1hr of reading Taylor for the paper
1/2 hr of writing for said paper
1/2 hr of going over 320 notes with a highlighter

I figure two hours, I can safely say I can do. Then a break, then probably more studying, depending on plans for the night.

Also, apparently I am a girl.

You scored 36 masculinity and 63 femininity!
You scored high on femininity and low on masculinity. You have a traditionally feminine personality.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 7% on masculinity
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 55% on femininity
Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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*chortles* [6 December 2005|9:54PM]

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

And now, to that paper!
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a schedule-post [3 December 2005|10:40PM]
mostly 'cause I promised wrin I'd email it to her and thought perhaps there might be other people who'd want to plan their social lives around me. (and if you thought that was said in seriousness you direly need to go and stick your head in one of these freshly-fallen snowbanks.)

12-6 tomorrow the 4th
3-9.30 monday the 5th
9-1 thursday the 8th
4.30-9.30 friday the 9th
11-6.30 the 11th
3-9.30 the 12th and exams that morning and the next day
3-9.30 the 16th
sometime the 17th (traded and didn't write it down)
1-9 the 18th
exam and 2.30-10.30 the 19th
10-6 the 22nd
2.30-10.30 the 23rd
12.30-5.30 the 24th
1-9.30 the 27th
1-9.30 the 30th
and one more in there somewhere 'cause I have to get rid of my shift on the 31st
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[29 November 2005|12:06PM]

I just phoned Perugia to make an appointment to get my hair done with those gift certificates we got ages ago because the one's expiring and the first woman I talked to said there wasn't room to get it coloured today or tomorrow and they wouldn't extend the gift certificates. Then I called back to see if there was a spot to get it cut and that woman told me that I could get it extended to Thursday and that there was room for a colour and a cut. So Thursday morning I'm getting it done... unless of course I've managed to forget that I'm working or something. I should check.

Also, I madly in love with the soundtrack for Wicked the musical. I just borrowed it from Jared and it's fantastic. You should all listen to it immediately.
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mmm, meme [7 October 2005|3:58PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

You Are 60% Boyish and 40% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

Ha. Go me. I'm a real boy! Why do I keep doing memes when every single time I read the questions and have myself a little indignant fit that the writers of the quizzes think they can categorize people so easily? And then post them anyway?

In other news, I'm working in twenty minutes and possibly doing Safewalk after that (depending on whether my mom gets back in time for me to ask if I can take the car). Then tomorrow I get to sleep in rather than get up for choir (mwahahaha!!) and then not go to Red Deer with the rest of my family so I can work again tomorrow night. Sigh. On the bright side, I think that means I'll be going to Serenity again with Bryan and Dave. Probably. Mmmm, Serenity. Head-asplode-y goodness.

Also, I went shopping with my mom the other day and bought two new sweaters. W00t! Now all I need is more pants and I'm set. And maybe a new winter coat.
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[20 September 2005|6:46PM]
[ mood | confused ]

I was curious whether I could apply for "superior" academic achievement scholarships in the leadership category or not, so I calculated my GPA just now. I'm at a 2.97, or 3.0. Which, while not superior, is respectable. Of course, that's from both my first year and last year, so it's quite a lot lower if one only looks at last year, but I don't think they do for scholarships. Or at least, I hope not.

However, I just now reread the instructions, and this intimidates me:
Limit your comments to those activities in which you have not only volunteered, but held a leadership position (i.e., President, Founder, Director).

Also, the awards website has this application listed under
Undergraduate Leadership
Minimum 3.5 GPA and demonstrated leadership involvement

Sigh. Does anyone know if a 3.0 is likely to count as satisfactory when it comes to these things? Anny?

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*cackles* [15 September 2005|12:00PM]
[ mood | hungry ]

For this next little while, I seem to be chock-fulla things to do. Oh, busy-ness, how you intimidate me after such a long summer of slacking off.

And now to go get dressed so I can go to school :)

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[24 August 2005|10:23AM]
[ mood | distressed ]

Not to supplant yesterday's entry, but I think this is worth reading for all. This is how my last half hour or so has gone:

[10:10] Chris: hey
[10:10] Carla: hi
[10:11] Chris: hows things?
[10:11] Carla: not bad
[10:11] Carla: I just about set my house on fire just now
[10:11] Chris: oh really, how did you manage that?
[10:12] Carla: I was making cheese toast in the oven
[10:12] Carla: forgot about it
[10:12] Carla: gasped and ran back into the kitchen
[10:12] Carla: one of the pieces was on fire
[10:12] Carla: I don't even know where the second one went
[10:12] Chris: damn that deliciously cheesey toast!
[10:12] Chris: lol
[10:12] Carla: no kidding
[10:13] Carla: and then I stood there hyperventilating and looking at it for a while before realising it wasn't going to put itself out and I had to use the fire extinguisher
[10:13] Carla: actually my boyfriend told me when I phoned him that I could've just put it in the sink
[10:13] Carla: and ran water on it
[10:13] Carla: but that didn't occur to me
[10:13] Chris: wow. don't you just hate the easy ways out?
[10:13] Carla: yes
[10:14] Carla: especially 'cause now we need a new fire extinguisher
[10:14] Chris: indeed
[10:14] Carla: I phoned my dad first
[10:14] Chris: lol
[10:14] Carla: "Hi Dad. You'll need to pick up a new fire extinguisher on the way home."
[10:14] Carla: *silence*
[10:14] Carla: "You see, I was making cheese toast in the oven and it set on fire. But it's out now!"
[10:14] Carla: then he told me I had to clean the oven.
[10:15] Chris: its a good thing you didn't tell him he need to go to the insurance company. that would not have made his day.
[10:15] Carla: haha
[10:15] Carla: whatever, that would've been so much better!!!
[10:16] Chris: give hima heart attack or something.
[10:16] Carla: indeed
[10:16] Carla: I probably nearly did with the fire extinguisher line

Know what the worst part is? Now I don't get to have cheese toasts. I'm so depressed now.

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Schedules for this year [23 August 2005|9:19PM]
[ mood | happy ]

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Excitement! [16 August 2005|3:53PM]
[ mood | jubilant ]

News is good!

Second interview at Chapters is scheduled for tomorrow at 1 with Brian the General Manager.

I have to apply to the Faculty of Arts to transfer over to them so I can take my Linguistics major, but the earlier I apply, the quicker it'll get looked at, though it's unlikely that'll happen until February at the earliest in any case. In the meantime, I'm to take courses that don't sound like they're the same as the ones I've got already from Fac, because they won't know until they actually process my application to transfer whether or not they are comparable. And maybe there are some openings in those classes that were full, now... *fingers crossed*

Ah, telephone, heretofore unknown instrument of my bliss, how I now am in your debt. (Can anyone tell I've been reading the Kushiel trilogy?)

ETA: Check out my new icon! I'm so proud of myself.

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[4 August 2005|12:17PM]
[ mood | hungry ]

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Gods, no wonder it takes them a couple weeks to do the damn thing. It's huge!

In other news, boo to brinkster. My account got "disabled" due to inactivity, which really means that they deleted all my crap and kept sending me fucking irritating emails every couple of days or so anyway. Bastards. When I asked them why this happened and whether I could get my stuff back, the person told me I was told about this when I signed up. Three years ago. No warning over email or anything... just deletion. Grr. I really hope there was nothing I don't still have on there.
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[3 August 2005|3:55PM]
[ mood | pleased ]

A manager named Sarah from Chapters just called me.

I have an interview set up for Tuesday, August 9th at 1 pm.


In other, also exciting recent news, my friend who is also Dave's brother's girlfriend, Tessa, and I went shopping for corsets yesterday. We also let the boys come so they could ogle when we tried them on. In short, Tessa and I now each have a black brocade corset in the making. Mine's cherry blossoms, and hers is dragons. She lent me the money (okay, actually, she bought it straight out for me) until I get a job and then some cash with which to pay her back. You can see the fabrics we've chosen here, if you're curious. Mine's just like the red and black cherry blossoms one, except with black blossoms, and hers is the black dragons one at the very top on the left, which is just like the gold & brown one under it.

Also, they sell mesh shirts at Nightshade Corsets, but the only black ones she (Lianne, the owner, manager, corset-maker and general amazingly cool runner-of-all-things) had were either too short in the sleeves or a very fine mesh, totally not what I'm looking for. However, she had some in purple leopard print and in camo that were long enough to fit all the way down to my fingers; they had finger holes in the ends, like having biker gloves attached to the end of the sleeves. And she can get them in black. She phoned me today to let me know they're 45$. It'll probably have to wait awhile: I need to pay for my corset before I get a new shirt that I'd be using for the same situations I'd wear the corset. They're always available, though, and she gets shipments from that company every couple of weeks, so that's definitely something to keep in mind for myself.

I suppose that's all I've got for today -- Dave's new exciting news is for him to tell you all about :)

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[27 July 2005|5:47PM]
[ mood | loved ]

So, the other day I realised I actually felt monogamous about Dave. Like, completely disinterested in pursuing other boys for any reason other than the same intrigue I might have towards any new person. A very odd thing for me to experience, as I don't know that I've ever consciously noticed having that attitude toward any of my previous boyfriends. In fact, I'm not sure I ever have had that attitude before.

Now, perhaps some of you out there are going, "But Carla! You've been dating him exclusively for months now! Why did it take you so long to come to this conclusion?" I really don't have an answer for that, other than that I really don't do a lot of soul-searching. So when I do, I tend to have to catch up with myself.

Anyway, I mentioned this new realisation to Dave at dinner with Nicole and Brad and Bryan the other night. He sort of pondered it, nodded, and said that he'd known I felt that way for quite some time now. Prodded to come up with a more specific timeframe, he came up with December, when we went to Calgary for the SG party, whereat there were other boys I didn't (he trailed off here). Now, at this party, I put star stickers on the crotch of another of the guys who was there, and met another one who I flirted with shamelessly for months after the party, so I'm not sure how accurate his assessment is. The one with the stickers had talked about the body modifications he's got, though (a couple dozen beads in his penis... I was curious, but didn't get a chance to see them(it?)), so maybe the boy has a good point. And in case you're curious, he dates his monogamous feelings to November sometime.

In any case, the point here is this: I'm deeply in love with my boyfriend, who knows me better than I know myself. And he loves me back.

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[21 July 2005|4:33PM]
[ mood | content ]

I have just discovered that Wil Wheaton's birthday is three days after mine. Très cool.

So Dave's sister's wedding was amazing. Jen was gorgeous beyond all reason, and the bridesmaids were so pretty, and the pictures were pretty, with the weather being absolutely perfect for photos after the ceremony. All was lovely. Although, the dress and shoes I went to West Ed four times in three days to acquire (*shudder*), while looking amazing, could probably have been a little more reasonably useful. The shoes, off of each of which I took a string of rhinestones that made them ugly like whoa, are very pretty and elegant, but that effect is achieved mostly through the height of the slender heel, which is about three and a half inches. The dress, as Dave will tell you and some of the pictures will allow you to see for yourself, was built for a person slightly shorter than me. Or at least, one who doesn't dance as enthusiastically as I do.

The Mayfair Golf and Country Club, where the ceremony and reception were held, was absolutely fantastic. The view out the wall of windows in the hall where the ceremony was held was of the golf course's 1st and 18th holes. On the 18th hole, the water hazard is this gorgeous pond with two fountains and a bridge. It was breath-taking. Then when we went to the Legislature grounds for a couple of hours of picture taking, the rain had stopped but the clouds hadn't completely gone away, so the lighting was just perfect. Much amazing photo-taking was done, by both hired photographers, myself on Dave's digital camera, Dave's dad on his SLR, and the groom (Mike)'s mom on her little snap camera, among most of the other people's minor picture-taking. I'm really sad, though: the sun kept getting in the lens when I was taking pictures, and so a whole bunch of the ones I took are pretty much useless. Sigh.

I finished the newest Harry Potter book yesterday. Twas pretty good. (Don't worry, I'm not going to spoiler-ise you.) My sister seems to think that it was like fanfic in that the forseeable relationship did indeed come to pass. I personally think that there's just so damn much fanfic out there that some of them had to hit on it. The ending shocked me mightily, though. Like Mim said, cliffhanger like whoa. Well, she didn't put it that way, but hey. Same idea.

So today I had a dream wherein I married Mike (yes, the one Jen just married. I dunno why.) and was horribly depressed the whole day and couldn't understand why I married him and not Dave. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me I need to be with Dave more than I need to be married, and possibly also that I should quit trying to convince him that the possibility of getting married sometime in the future should exist for us. He'd probably like it if that were the case.

I think tonight might be pizza night at our house, because Mom is going out for supper with one of the ladies she does yoga with and thus supper is our responsibility. Maybe it'll be pot pie night instead. Hmm.

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