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Oh, my poor livejournal. How shamefully have I neglected you. And really, I'm not going to get much better any time soon... this is sort of just an observation that I wanted someone to know about.

My prof for my psych class (in which I now have the mark back: B-, not terribly fantastic) played music before every class this semester. When I recognised it, I noticed it was always topical (for example, OLP's Spiritual Machines on the day we talked about consciousness). The day of the exam, he played Verdi's Requiem (that download is copy-protected, but it doesn't seem to have destroyed my computer). If you don't feel like downloading that, I'll summarize: it sounds like the world is coming crashing down around your ears. Apocalypse! Destruction! Wailing and gnashing of teeth! Okay, so those sounds are more metaphorical. But you can totally hear them.
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